Today, the higher education is a widespread phenomenon with most students opting for it to gain knowledge and enhance their skill set which would give rise to global opportunities. We at Pentagon Education have been providing quality educational services that have helped countless students to choose the right educational track apt to their personal strengths, interest, temperament, budget and other consequential constraints.

 We are one of the Leading Education Consultants in Bangalore, acknowledged for providing best career guidance and support services to the students. We have commendable years of experience working with students from different cultural backgrounds. Respected by Students and Parents, we are at the forefront of providing updated and accurate information to the students aspiring to study in India and abroad. We have been instrumental in helping many students realize their dream of successful future.

We comprise of dedicated group of education counsellors providing core Career Guidance and Admission Support Services. Our team of expert career counsellors maintain their level of expertise in subject matter and brings added value to our services for students. Care and support to students pursuing higher education is a part of our daily routine. We give an eye to detail during the process of career counselling, admission, documentation, etc.

We offer END-TO-END services to students; right from identifying the right course to the right destination. Our career counselling provides insights to pro & cons of various options of selecting particular courses or colleges. With quality credentials, our reliable services guide students to reach the best possible academic heights based on their academic merit and financial capacity. As a pioneer in providing unbiased career guidance and support services, we believe in quality of our services rather than the quantity of Enrollment.

We employ scientific assessment tool which is first of its kind ever used for student career counselling to evaluate students’ career interest, career values, personality traits, skills and abilities for developing realistic career goals. This test works on scientifically approved and tested techniques to map both innate and acquired intelligence based on which most appropriate career path is advised to students. 

Our entire career guidance program is focused to prepare students to face the Industry well in advance even before they complete their respective courses thereby transfiguring the opinion of the students into reality with a practical approach. We in our endeavor try to increase the scope for various career paths in a variety of different streams based on present day education system in India and abroad. Our prime goal is to alleviate students’ uncertainties and confusions regarding the career options. We are highly equipped to provide the best career counselling and admission guidance to the students to help make them informed career decisions.

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Narendra Jain Sr. Marketing Executive

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Natraj Admin Head

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