Counselling Consulate

Counselling Services At Par On International Standards To Determine The Best Career Options Appropriate For You

Career Counselling is a process that focuses on helping students in understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and lets them know what career is best suited for them, and how to pursue it. 

It is often seen that most of the students are lured towards choosing a career that could fetch them a lucrative profession whereas some students are influenced by the opinions from the well-wishers. The consequence of pursuing a career that is influenced is often disappointing. This is where career counselling plays a major role in a students’ life. Career counselling process helps young minds in making an informed career decision by realizing their true potential.

Our career counselling is one-stop destination where students get to talk to expert education counsellors who are knowledgeable and provide best career advices to the students based on their career goals, key strengths, and weaknesses. Through career counselling, our expert education counsellors offer career guidance to students on which course to choose and how to embark on it after a thorough analysis of the students’ profile in terms of personality, skills, interest and financial condition. We also use several analytic methods of counselling to assess students’ abilities and suggest them the best career option based on their performance. 

It is always worth going for career counselling since further education always requires a proper planning to ensure that students choose the right academic pathway. Being one of the leading education consultants, we at Pentagon Education, offer a series of career counselling services that will best assist students in their career development and progression. We believe that one can be successful in their career only when they pursue it whole-heartedly and we make it happen through our expert career guidance and support services.