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Today, it is a known fact that MBBS admission in India takes place through NEET Exam. Medical aspirants are expected to qualify in NEET UG in order to participate in counselling for MBBS admission in Government medical colleges, private medical colleges or deemed medical colleges. Other than NEET, the students also have a choice to participate in the medical entrance exams conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research. These institutions are exempted from NEET exam since they are established by an Act of Parliament and declared as institutions of national importance.

Every year Lakhs of medical aspirants appear for the NEET exam to secure MBBS admission through merit. However, some unfortunate students fail to score the NEET Cut off percentiles as stated by the Central Board of Secondary Examinations (CBSE), which are 50 percentile marks for General category candidates and 40 percentile marks for candidates belonging to SC/ST/OBC category. Last year, around 11.4 aspirants appeared for the NEET exam. However, only 6.11 Lakhs could qualify in the medical entrance exam. As a result, out of 720 marks the NEET cut off score in 2017 was 131 for General Category candidates and 107 for SC/ST candidates.

The 50 percentile marks are calculated on the basis of mean average among the positive scoring candidates in the NEET exam. The 50 percentile does not necessarily mean to attain 50% marks, since in this case less scoring candidates are more and hence the weightage of overall passing percentage is reduced considerably.

That is the reason last year only 131 was the NEET cut off score which is hardly around 18.2% overall. This low percentage is mainly due to the fact that this medical entrance exam has negative marking system of evaluation making it difficult to even achieve a minimum passing percentage of 33.

Once the NEET results are declared, the qualified aspirants need to apply for merit-based seat selection process.

The MBBS admission counselling for Government Medical colleges is conducted at All India Level with 15% seats reserved under All India Quota as well as at State Level with 85% seats reserved for domicile students andnon-domicile students. For MBBS admission in deemed medical colleges, the aspirants have to undergo All India merit based seat selection process conducted by Medical Counselling Committee (MCC), Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). On the other hand, the MBBS admission counselling for Private medical colleges is conducted by the respective State counselling authorities with 40% seats reserved for domicile students, 35% seats reserved for non-domicile students and 25% seats reserved for NRI and Others.

Generally, the stages involved in MBBS admission Counselling process include counseling registration, option entry by the eligible candidates, publication of allotment result, confirmation of choices, downloading admission order and reporting to the college. The MBBS seats in each State are classified into A Category, B Category and C Category seats. The A category seats are low fee category seats, where the fee structures are stipulated by the Government. The B Category seats are high fee category seats, where the fee structures vary from one college to the other, and the C category seats are reserved for NRI and other category candidates. The fees for C category seats are usually termed exorbitant and are decided by the college management.

A better understanding of these facts is always helpful. However, in case of any quandary, one can avail our Expert Career Guidance and Support Services to make the right career decision.

From the past few years, the policies with respect to medical entrance exams and MBBS admissions have been changing continuously. Previously, in order to participate in MBBS seat selection process, medical aspirants had to appear and qualify in multiple medical entrance exams, which included All India Level and State Level entrance exams like AIPMT, COMEDK, CET, and deemed university medical entrance exams. Besides, every examination authority was conducting their own MBBS admission counselling to admit aspirants in medical colleges in India. However, slowly things started changing. The Honorable Supreme Court decided to mandate single common entrance exam for MBBS admission in India. After this decision, there were protests against NEET from some states demanding the scrapping of the NEET exam. However, after many conflicts and disputes, National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) has been introduced for admission to undergraduate medical course in India.

NEET was introduced to streamline the process of admission to MBBS course. It has replaced multiple medical entrance exams. Although NEET helped aspirants to focus on single entrance exam, the process of MBBS admission still remains a complicated process as NEET qualified students are required to apply for different admission counselling processes conducted at All India Level as well as State Level. This created a lot of confusion among aspirants and parents in understanding the actual admission counselling process for MBBS admission.

Since the MBBS counselling is held at All India Level and State Level, it is been observed that aspirants are facing many difficulties concerning the application for different counselling processes and the selection of MBBS seat through NEET merit based counselling. After having conversations with thousands of aspirants, it is noticed that students landed up choosing the college which is either too expensive or not of choice. Some students failed to secure MBBS seat even after having sufficient NEET score due to lack of knowledge about the merit based counselling process. Considering these facts,

we at Pentagon Education thought of providing a dedicated counselling support in order to help medical aspirants throughout merit based selection process.

At Pentagon Education, our team of dedicated and expert education counsellors provides complete career guidance and support keeping in focus the welfare of the students. Through a series of paid career counselling services, our education counsellors aim to overcome the MBBS admission quandary of the aspiring students. From providing in-depth details of various medical colleges in India, applying for medical entrance exam till securing an MBBS admission through merit based selection process, our career counselling and guidance services provide END to END support throughout the merit seat selection process of NEET counselling.

The services offered through our paid career counselling program are

  1. Basic Career Counselling aims to provide in detail information about medical courses and medical colleges in an unbiased way giving an upfront and transparent feedback to the students so as to help them make a right career decision.
  2. Expert Career Guidance and Support aims to help students at each stage of the selection process starting from Application form filling assistance, timely updates, even up to the tactics involved in choosing the right medical college during option entries. In short we provide END to END support throughout the seat selection process.
  3. Psychometric Tests aims to measure an individual’s affinity towards a specific educational course, if not a medical course, through personality tests, motivation questionnaires, reasoning tests, and ability assessments. These tests aim at giving a holistic profile and best career stream for the individuals.

When it comes to taking a major career decision, it is very important to get proper career guidance and support from knowledgeable people. With a lot of information available everywhere, often aspirants get misguided. This is when the young minds seek for career guidance. To facilitate their educational journey, we at Pentagon Education started to provide Paid Career Counselling services. However, a common question that may arise in every aspirant’s mind is why to pay for career counseling services when there are many education counsellors offering free career counselling services? Here lies the answer, it is always better to be guided rather than misguided. There could be many education consultants offering free career counselling services, but it is important to understand the gimmick behind their free service. As we all understand, nothing in this world is free. There is always a catch. These education counsellors offering free career counselling services are majorly dedicated in marketing a course, college or convincing an aspirant for admission in that college. This is never the case with our Career Counselling Services. Though our services are paid, we assure value for money. Our paid career counselling services are intended to provide all the needed information to the aspirants in an upfront manner to help them make a right career decision.

Through our paid career counselling services, we offer basic career counselling sessions or expert career counselling sessions in addition to various analytic assessment options. Students are at the liberty to choose any career option based on the requirements.

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While internet has facilitated the flow of the information in most of the areas, more and more people seek refuge through internet nowadays. It may work well in certain cases say, finding basic information like name of a college or address, but while taking critical career decisions it may prove risky to rely on internet based information. One may get easily confused and even misguided as there are contradictory versions available for the same career options sometimes. For example, while choosing for top 10 medical colleges in Karnataka; each site will have different rankings for the colleges. Thus, it becomes imperative to seek genuine and unbiased information while making career decision. We at Pentagon Education, expertise ourselves in the field of career counselling and hence you can bank on us. Our major interest is your career development and progression, and not marketing the institutions. Thus, we work out a detailed career oriented counselling sessions for you. The information that we provide comes from genuine sources like the alumni and critics rather than the well wishers of the particular institution.

While choosing a particular course for an individual, it is a must to look at the colleges’ strength particular to that course rather than overall brand of the college. We consider the faculty strength, practical facilities, result statistics and placement status for the course and not get carried away by the overall brand of the college.

In short, you will receive the best possible career guidance and information which is unbiased and pure for you to make a career decision on your own. In addition, the students are also provided regular updates and news pertaining to their areas of interest on registering for Basic Career Counselling.

The Basic Career Counselling session shall be conducted for 45 minutes duration with experts in particular subjects where in students may ask as many questions as they want until they clear all their doubts.

Over the past few years there has been a lot of change in the higher educational policies in India. While the purpose of this change is to improve the educational standards and most of the students have embraced the change, these changes to some seemed complicated and the process of merit-based selection tedious. Students being new to these types of merit selection process tend to make mistakes while making option entries. To add to their worries, the students are required to apply for each state’s counselling individually making the overall process complicated. It is difficult to assume as to what would be the cut off for each state so that a candidate can apply to that state particularly. Understanding the Cut off score for each state and college is the most significant aspect during option entries, especially when the counselling dates clash. In addition to this, each state has its own set of documentation requirements every time thus leaving the students confused overall. Making the right choices at the option entry and following the correct process holds the key for selection of a college of choice. Proper planning and smart selection is required to avoid ending up with the selection of college that is either not by choice or higher fee category.

We are here to help you at each step of merit counselling process. With strong experience in this field we help students right from the beginning when they set to fill the application form till their successful selection through merit. In short, leave all the worries of career planning to us so that you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

With the advent of latest technology and new concepts, career planning is more restricted to the decisions taken by parents based on their condition or scope of the course. Earlier parents used to decide about their wards career based on suggestions given by some influencers or sometimes driven by the scope of that career and in the process they completely ignore the actual potential of the student. These often sentimental decisions would mostly be ineffective in overall career development and progression, and profession of an individual and sometimes after studying a certain course the student would seek a job in an entirely different profession.

Over the past few years lot of analytical assessment techniques are been used to assess a person’s true capability and potential. These are usually scientifically proven methods to compare individual’s various traits and characteristics, and mapped to the existing career choices available. In this way, one can ensure that the career he or she is choosing is in line with his/her inner strengths and abilities and thus the chances of him/her doing well in that profession are prominent.

To ascertain ones true capabilities, some of the few career assessment tests that are available in the market are:

  1. Psychometric Analysis
  2. Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  3. Finger Print Analysis

To sum up, we aim at providing opportunities to deserving students to have access to quality information about various career options and guide them to pursue their dream. We focus on how well we can equip aspirants with the information and career guidance they need to succeed. At Pentagon Education, we believe in fulfilling every student’s aspiration in a right way.

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