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Sarala Birla Academy

Estd Year 2004

Sarala Birla Academy is one of the best schools in Bangalore boys from Grade 5 to 12, aims to create in students a passion for learning & continuous development.

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Sri Aurobindo Memorial School

Estd Year 1962

Sri Aurobindo Memorial School Bangalore is affiliated to the CBSE from Grade 1 to 10, projects best learning methodology with adequate emphasis on academics.

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Sri Kumaran Public School

Estd Year 1966

Sri Kumaran Public School aims at guiding children towards a successful future, offers a high quality education to achieve the highest academic potential.

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Cluny Convent High School

Estd Year 1948

Cluny Convent High School imparts an all round education based on Christian principles & values, offers a sound moral training & inculcate human values.

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Bishop Cotton School

Estd Year 1865

Bishop Cotton Schools for Boys & Girls aims at Inculcating moral values & attitudes through best education, balances academics with extra-curricular activities.

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Baldwin High School

Estd Year 1880

Baldwin High School Bangalore provides the best educational experience to the children to become the leaders of tomorrow with sound moral and ethical values.

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Sophia High School

Estd Year 1992

Sophia School Bangalore provides superior educational opportunities by creating a thirst for knowledge & urges every child to reach the pinnacle of excellence.

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The International School Bangalore

Estd Year 2001

The International School Bangalore provides an all-round education for the students, offers guidance in critical thinking & research, promote ethical practices.

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St. Joseph's Boys High School

Estd Year 1858

St. Joseph's Boys High School focuses on academic excellence, provides innumerable opportunities to participate in a range of sporting & co-curricular activities.

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Sherwood High School

Estd Year 2010

Sherwood High School has excellent staff to focus on various dimensions of growth for a child & not just academics, motivates children to find their own identity.

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Greenwood High International School

Estd Year 2004

Greenwood High International School aspires to build strong foundations for our students based on the most powerful value of all knowledge.

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Cathedral High School

Estd Year 1866

Cathedral High School is committed to provide value based education to equip students with the qualities they would need to become responsible citizens.

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Kendriya Vidyalaya

Estd Year 1965

Kendriya Vidyalaya stands for imparting quality school education - enriching the young minds & enabling them to develop the needed skills for a successful future.

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National Public School

Estd Year 1959

National Public School provides students with best educational opportunities in a supportive environment, aims to develop young people of high academic potential.

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MES Kishore Kendra Public School

Estd Year 2005

MES Kishore Kendra Public School aims at providing quality education to the children along with extra and co curricular activities to ensure overall development.

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A School is an education institution committed to educating and nurturing children so that they reach their highest academic potential. Schooling lays the strong foundation stone in building the personality of an individual. The school education in India today has two divisions:

1. Primary Education
2. Secondary Education

Primary education is the basic education for preparing children to achieve the skills needed to advance further in studies. Among the different cities in the country, Bangalore is considered as one of the ideal places for primary education as the city houses many schools that include ICSE Schools, CBSE Schools and State Boards. The demand for Schools in Bangalore for primary education is increasing with Schools offering international outlook of academics as well as co-curricular activities.

The primary education imparted at the Schools in Bangalore help children to learn and imbibe the fundamentals of every subject from the beginning. There are many best Schools in Bangalore highly selected by parents because of the curriculum and the affiliation. Studying in Bangalore Schools provides an excellent exposure to various activities in addition to bookish knowledge.

Secondary education is a formal education that prepares students for higher education as well as for the world of work. It helps students to identify their skills and choose their future career where they have to go according to their talents and skills. Secondary education is important as it builds enough human capabilities to make a real difference. It is essential to survive in this highly competitive world.

Secondary education imparted at the High Schools in Bangalore help students to attain personal and intellectual maturity. It prepares them for professional education or for employment.

The Primary Schools and High Schools Bangalore schools are affiliated with various Boards like Karnataka State Education Board, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, Council for The Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE), New Delhi and several others.

The CBSE Schools in Bangalore are among the best Schools in Bangalore that provide high standard of schooling to equip children with excellent learning skills and capacities.

The standard of primary education and secondary education offered at the Schools in Bangalore is comparatively high than many other states of India. Due to this reason, there is an unending demand for School Admissions in Bangalore.

Listed here are some of the best Schools in Bangalore offering excellent schooling for children.

Schools in Demand

The most important decision that you will make as a parent is deciding on the best school for your child. Making the right decision will put your child on the path toward lifelong learning, an esteemed college education and a successful career.

If you are looking for the best school in Bangalore, think about what will work best for your child's personality, interests, strengths and needs. Here are some tips for selecting a school in Bangalore.

1) Consider your child's needs

Start your search for the best school in Bangalore by thinking about your child's needs. Perhaps your child has special language or education needs, keep these in mind.

2) Location of school

Decide whether you want your child to go to a school within walking distance of your home or outside your neighborhood. As a parent, you know your child better than anyone else does.

3) Gather information

When researching on schools in Bangalore, you may have to make phone calls, collect materials from different schools and tour the schools during regular school hours to get the information you need. The hard work you put in finding the best school for your child will be worth your while if you select a school that brings out the best in your child.

4) Apply to the schools you choose

Consider applying to more than one school in Bangalore to have more choices in case if your child is not admitted to the first choice. Begin your school application process as early as possible in order to ensure confirmed school admission.

Applying for all the best schools in Bangalore is not an easy task. An expert guidance from an education consultant is always helpful. We, as education consultants in Bangalore, endeavor to help parents to secure school admissions at best package for their child in the best school of their preference. We provide confirmed and direct admission in a Bangalore school that offers a proper primary education to the children.

It is always the responsibility of parents to determine whether a school is right for their children. A short visit to your preferred school in Bangalore will help you get a sense of school environment, identify school strengths, available academic & infrastructural facilities, and ensure your child safety. Listed here is the checklist of things to look for or consider during your school visit.

1. Schools with a good reputation

2. School's accomplishments

3. School's approach to children's discipline and safety

4. Availability of resources to the children for their learning

5. Utilization of modern technology to support teaching and learning

6. Student- teacher ratio

7. Timings

8. Extracurricular opportunities

9. Cleanliness and Hygiene

10. Outdoor Games

11. Transportation

12. Anti-bullying policy

This checklist will be useful to you in choosing the best school in Bangalore for your child because schooling is a strong base for your child's successful future.

Every parent wants to see their children going towards success that is only possible through the good education base from the best school. The Schools in Bangalore are among the most sought-after and best schools in India known for imparting excellent schooling education to the children. Every year, most of the best schools in Bangalore are flooded with a huge number of applications from parents seeking school admission. However, not every child is fortunate to get a seat in the best School. Generally, school admissions in Bangalore happen on "first come first serve" basis. The earlier the parents apply for a school, the more the chances of securing a seat. Parents must note that, after applying to a school, children will have to go through selection procedure that will vary from one school to the other before being selected. Making an application early will increase their chances of getting a seat.

With many number of best schools in Bangalore that include CBSE Schools and International Schools, it is not possible for every parent to apply for a school immediately after the release of admission notification. In most of the cases, many schools display school admission ads on their buildings that are not reachable to every aspiring parent. As admission consultants, we ensure that you do not miss on applying for the best schools for your children. Registering with us ensures confirmed and direct admission at best package. We will take care of your application and school admission process. Many a times, the private schools in Bangalore, at the discretion of the school management, increase their fees for direct admission but we ensure you a seat at the rate that we commit to you at the time of registration. After registering with us, we will assure you a hassle free process.

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