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Qualifying NEET exam is only the first step towards securing an admission in a Medical College. In order to ensure that a student gets a confirmed admission for MBBS, it is mandatory for him/her to participate in the NEET MERIT counselling conducted by various government bodies. The NEET MERIT counselling process is conducted separately by the centre under AIQ towards the 15 % reserved central quota and by MCC for all the deemed colleges.


In addition to this, each state conducts its own NEET MERIT counselling for selecting the deserving candidates under various categories applicable under that state laws. 

We have helped thousands of MBBS aspirants over the past decade to secure MBBS admission through our Expert NEET UG guidance services. Through the NEET UG guidance, we help students step by step with each level of the NEET MERIT counselling process.  We predict your chances of getting the best college at your score by scientific cut-off analysis based on all previous year s metrics and hence optimize your chances of getting the best Medical College at the lowest possible fee. 


MBBS admissions under NEET-UG can be secured under various categories depending upon the qualifying rank of the student. The tuition fee for MBBS course varies from Rs. 75,000 / year to Rs. 35 lakhs/year. This variation in the fee structure is due to different categories under which the MBBS seats are categorised and available under counselling. Students seek admission in their respective categories depending on the secured ranks and budget allowance.


Usually, students with lower ranks opt for seats under NRI-Quota / Others-Quota (management quota) or even institutional quota depending on applicability and available documentation.

We have guided scores of students secure admissions through NRI & Management quota provided they have the relevant documents and cut-off ranks supporting the same. The fee structure under the NRI-Quota & Management Quota is usually on a higher side and in several cases based on the availability of vacant seats and affordability of the candidate. We have also helped students to secure reasonable discounts from the college via a face to face negotiations. 


With more than 15 Lakhs students appearing for NEET-UG qualifying exam every year. It is important to plan a comprehensive exam strategy for the students. With a major focus on qualifying the NEET exam, we provide assured NEET crash coaching classes preparing aspirants in a way that guarantees successful results. We ensure the students undergo regular MOCK tests so as to self-assess the level of subject-wise preparedness towards the exams.


Students are assessed subject-wise and improvement strategy planned so as to ensure that they clear the NEET-UG with ease.

The NEET MOCK tests are conducted based on real-time scenarios so that the students get an actual feel of the exam time situation. When the NEET exam approaches nearby the students are also acclimatised with NEET prediction papers, these prediction papers are set by the experts from the industry with a consultation with expert data scientists. The idea is to create a win-win NEET preparation strategy that ensures qualification with good marks keeping in mind the students potential. 

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Every service that we offer is done with utmost transparency with full coverage of the candidate.


In case of NRI-Quota & Management quota seats we offer the best negotiated rates in India.


Based on the rank & given budget we provide guaranteed admission with 99% previous success record.


With more than two decades of experience in handling medical admissions, our competence is incomparable.


The consistency of our success in medical education guidance for helping students is Infallible and time proven.


With the highest number of referrals from our previous students, we have emerged the most reliable partners for career aspirants.

The introduction of NEET-UG (Single window exam) for Medical Admissions in India has always been an arguable debate. Ever since the introduction of NEET-UG constant changes in the process have been made by the authorities’ year on year. Even though the changes are made to improve the system of selection but these changes mostly leave students confused about the process. A lot of rule tweaking has taken place from the time NEET-UG was first implemented in 2016.   

The sole purpose of NEET-UG was to help students save time appearing for multiple exams and rather improve their competence in the subject. This idea has won a huge appreciation from the students but the implementation & conduct of the exam along with the follow up counselling process still needs to be improved upon, especially the appearing for multiple counselling process is quite complicated. To complicate the process there are different categories one can apply depending on the applicability. Unless a student is aware of his applicable category and class sometimes chances of being allotted a seat in higher category with higher yearly tuition fee is also a possibility. 

To start with the counselling registration process in most of the states is quiet complicated and the detailed. Some fields mentioned need clarification from the authorities who usually are not available over the calls. Even a small mistake in filling up the application form may increase ones chances of being rejected from the counselling process. 

In order to apply for a medical college in a Non Domicile state the student needs to be aware of the rules governing the counselling process of these states. The domicile rules of each state are different and in order to apply one should be aware of the cut-off ranks for Non Domiciles of each state else the students may end up applying for unavailable seats. Multiple applications simply means waste of time and money. 

The options entry of most of the states is quiet a complicated process and it can easily confuse even the experts in terms of the colleges and seat categories opted as per their preferences. Some states mix up all of the category and courses (MBBS & BDS) in a single Bay hence making it risky for students to have chosen a wrong category or course.

The counselling is usually held in multiple rounds, whereas the first two rounds are online in every counselling process and the following rounds are offline rounds, notifications to these rounds are so abruptly planned that student is hardly given a leeway to attend the counselling on time.

With these kind of nuances affiliated with the NEET-UG Merit counselling process the students find it complicated at times and tend to make mistakes. To complicate the things further it is difficult to retain a college for more than one round as financial penalties are levied with it. In order to make a choice about which seat to retain through the multiple counselling processes one may have participated is quiet tricky and would need expert acumen.  In certain cases it is quite possible that one may have chances of getting  a Top medical College in the last round (Offline Round) but due to the model of counselling process it is difficult to exit from the existing allotment and to take a fresh allotment. This way the chances of getting a good college also reduces. 

The cut-off ranges for each college varies with each round of counselling and depends on how a candidate has planned for the same. To explain in simple terms say e.g., a Top Medical College which is ranked No: 1 close at a particular cut off the rank (Higher Ranks) in the first round whereas the same college may close at a comparatively lower rank in the subsequent rounds. Hence the students with lower ranks also stand a chance of getting a seat in the said Top Medical College whereas the in-between rank holders lose the chance or get the second-best colleges due to wrongful selection at the options entry time. One cannot blame the student for such foregone opportunities since the counselling matrix is designed in a way which is out of scope of a regular applicant. 

Taking help from an Expert Counsellor is always helpful. An expert guidance session enlightens one about the complete process in details and highlights the scope of improved opportunities.

At Pentagon Education Services we have Expert counsellors who are adept with complete NEET-UG Merit counselling scenario and understand the nuances from the core. Not only do we help in the NEET-Merit counselling but we provide end to end NEET-UG Guidance. Starting with the form filling assistance we meticulously plan the complete counselling in order to maximize the options at one's rank. Our aim is to get an allotment for the best possible college at the lowest fee at a given rank range. We have around two decades of experience in the field of Medical Education and have built an impeccable reputation as NEET-UG guidance counsellors. Every year we help hundreds of satisfied students achieve their goals through meticulous planning towards achieving allotments in the targeted Top Medical Colleges. Our professional counsellors are available round the clock to support any queries of the students.

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