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4th Aug 2021

IPU Registration Date Extended

The last date for submission of Online Application for National Level Test Based courses is extended up to 10 Aug 2021.

12th Jul 2021

NEET UG 2021 Exam Date

The NEET (UG) 2021 will be held on 12th September 2021. The application process will begin from 5 pm on 13 July 2021.

12th Feb 2021


Registrations from 12th to 14th February, reporting at allotted colleges from 15th to 18th February.

16th Jan 2021


Odisha spot round counselling for admission to vacancy seats for MBBS/BDS courses on 19.01.2021 and 20.01.2021.

13th Jan 2021


The last date of admission in BDS course has been extended from 15.01.2021 to 30.01.2021 for the academic year 2020-21.

12th Jan 2021


CENTAC mop-up round counselling for Government, Management and NRI seats through web conference on 13.01.2021.

12th Jan 2021


Odisha Joint Entrance Examination Spot Round Counselling on 19.01.2021 and 20.01.2021, details to be notified later on the website.

9th Jan 2021


Symbiosis Medical College for Women Stray vacancy Counselling 12th January, registration starts from 7th January.

9th Jan 2021


Shri. B. M. Patil Medical College Stray Vacancy Counselling on 12.01.2021, physical registrations from 10 AM- 11:30 AM on the same day.

9th Jan 2021


JSS Medical College Stray Vacancy Counselling scheduled to be held on 12.01.2021.

9th Jan 2021


Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College Stray Vacancy Counselling on 12th and 13th January, physical registrations on the same day.

9th Jan 2021


K S Hegde Medical Academy Stray Vacancy Counselling on 13th January for NRI Quota and 14th January for Management Quota.

9th Jan 2021


Yenepoya Medical College Stray Vacancy Counselling on 13th January, applications to be submitted by 11th January.

1st Dec 2020

Telangana MQ Schedule

KNRUHS is inviting online applications from eligible candidates for admission to Management Quota Seats. The last date is 7 Dec 2020.

10th Dec 2020

AP Govt Quota Option Entry

All the eligible candidates can exercise their options from 8.00 AM on 10.12.2020 to 8.00 AM on 13.12.2020.

13th Nov 2020

Haryana MBBS 2020

Registration, Choice Filing & Locking for Haryana State Counselling will commence from 15 Nov 2020 . The Last Date is 18 Nov 2020.

13th Nov 2020

AP MBBS 2020

Registration for AP Govt Quota State Counselling commenced from 13 Nov 2020. The Last Date for Registration is 21 Nov 2020.

5th Nov 2020

Maharashtra MBBS 2020

Registration for Maharashtra State Counselling commenced from 5 Nov 2020 11:00 AM. The Last Date for Registration is 12 Nov 2020 till 5 PM.

9th Nov 2020

Chattisgarh MBBS 2020

Chattisgarh Registration Started. Last date is 12 Nov till 11:59 PM.

5th Nov 2020

Uttar Pradesh MBBS 2020

Registration for Uttar Pradesh State Counselling commenced from 5 Nov 2020 from 4:00 PM. The Last Date for Registration is 8 Nov 2020.

3rd Nov 2020

Assam MBBS 2020

Registration for Assam State Online Counselling will commenced from 5 Nov 2020 to 10 Nov 2020 (3 PM).

3rd Nov 2020


North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences Offline Application Submission is 20th Nov 2020 for Nort East Category.

3rd Nov 2020

Tamilnadu Mang. MBBS 2020

Registration for Tamilnadu Management Quota State Counselling commenced from 3 Nov 2020. The Last Date for Registration is 12 Nov 2020 till 5:00 PM.

3rd Nov 2020

Tamilnadu Govt. MBBS 2020

Registration for Tamilnadu Govt. Quota State Counselling commenced from 3 Nov 2020. The Last Date for Registration is 12 Nov 2020 till 5:00 PM.

3rd Nov 2020

Himachal Pradesh MBBS 2020

Himachal Pradesh MBBS Registration will start from 5 Nov 2020. The Last Date is 11 Nov 2020.

3rd Nov 2020


GGSIPU MBBS Choice Filling will start from 7 Nov 2020. Last Date is 11 Nov 2020.

2nd Nov 2020

Telangana MBBS 2020

Registration for Telangana Govt. Quota State Counselling commenced from 1 Nov 2020. The Last Date for Registration is 8 Nov 2020 till 5:00 PM.

2nd Nov 2020

Rajasthan MBBS 2020

Registration for Rajasthan State Counselling commenced from 1 Nov 2020. The Last Date for Registration is 6 Nov 2020 till 11:45 PM.

3rd Nov 2020

Manipal College Nepal 2020

The Last Date for Manipal college of medical sciences Pokhra Nepal Online Application Form Submission is By 15th Nov 2020.

2nd Nov 2020

Madhya Pradesh MBBS 2020

Registration for MP State Counselling commenced from 1 Nov 2020. The Last Date for Registration is 10 Nov 2020 till 12:00 PM.

10th Oct 2020

KMC Manipal & Mangalore Fees

Manipal University has revised MBBS Fee in KMC Manipal and Mangalore Colleges from Rs. 13,10,000 to Rs. 14,30,000 for 2020 session.

10th Oct 2020

Sri Siddhartha Univ. MBBS Fee

Sri Siddhartha University has revised MBBS fee of Sri Siddhartha Inst. of Medical Sciences Bangalore from Rs. 11,15,750 to Rs. 15,00,000 for 2020 session.

10th Oct 2020

Nitte University MBBS Fee

Nitte University has revised MBBS Fee for KS Hegde Medical College from Rs. 14,35,000 to Rs. 15,35,000 for 2020 session.

23rd Jun 2020


The last date to apply for MBBS in Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences has been extended till 27 Oct 2020.

23rd Jun 2020


National Testing Agency (NTA) launched National Test Abhyas app to provide free mock tests to NEET aspirants.

4th Jul 2020

NEET UG 2020 Exam Date

The NTA shall be conducting NEET UG 2020 on 13 September 2020 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.


The National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) is the qualifying test for MBBS admission in the medical colleges in India. NEET is also the qualifying exam for BDS admission in the dental colleges in India and AYUSH admissions which used to be held once a year. However, with the approval of the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, NEET is now being planned to be conducted twice a year from 2021-22 session like JEE mains which is conducted multiple times in a year. 

Discussions for conducting NEET UG exam more than once were going on since last year among students and the NTA. Students’ view on this was that there are chances of a student not making it to the exam on the scheduled date because of varied reasons. One such example can be the recent floods faced last year in many parts of Assam, West Bengal, and Odisha which made it difficult for a large number of students to take the exam. With just one chance to appear for the exam, a student has no other option other than taking it under any circumstance. Those who fail to do so will have to lose a year. 

Speculations on the matter of conducting NEET UG more than once raised high with the consequences of Covid-19 pandemic last year. The fear of contamination, lack of transportation, shortage of exam centers, etc. were some of the few factors that forced students to raise this demand.In view of these real-time circumstances that students have been facing, HRD ministry along with the conducting body came to a mutual agreement and gave a green signal for conducting NEET twice a year.

With the news of conducting the exam twice, lakhs of students are believed to get relief whereas there are chances that the new decision might work otherwise for a few. But dual chances of appearing for NEET UG doesn’t mean that it’s getting easier for the students to get through this MBBS entrance exam.


There are always two sides to a story. What works for someone might not work for others. Similarly, the decision to conduct NEET twice might have marked an end to a lot of worries but it has also raised a few questions. In this section, let’s get into the pros and cons of conducting NEET twice a year.


Conducting NEET twice a year is a matter of relief for many NEET appearing aspirants for varied reasons. The biennial mode of the exam can come out as an advantage from the students’ perspective with two chances and more time for the exam preparation. Let’s get into a detailed analysis of it. 

Fair Chance
NEET can be considered as a synonym of competition with more than 16 lakh students appearing for the exam every year. With all the hard work and efforts that undergo while preparing for the exam, there are innumerable chances of a student not performing well in the same. It may so happen that a student couldn’t handle the exam hall tension or make it to the center on time or couldn’t take the exam due to a medical emergency at home on the exam day. It is highly unfair to judge a student’s capabilities based on his/her performance through a single chance as it could be affected by a number of reasons.    But with recent reports of NEET being conducted twice, the competition is likely to turn fair for everyone with another chance for improvement if the first chance is missed. 

No fear of dropping a year
There are a number of reasons that make students drop a year. One reason could be low scores which don’t support them to get a seat through merit counselling while another could be the budget constraint. They may not afford seats in Private medical colleges or Deemed medical colleges even if they score within the cutoff required to take admission in those colleges. In view of this, students are forced to drop a year and try again the next year. But with the NEET exam being conducted twice, there are fewer chances of wasting a year as students will be given another chance to work on improvising their score.

Choice of Attempt
Till last year, students had to appear for NEET on the specified day with no option to miss out under any circumstance. Many students due to unavoidable circumstances had to lose a year for not being able to make it on the exam day because of it. With NEET being conducted twice, a student will have a choice to attempt any of the two sessions without having to lose a year.

Best of two 
The fear of not getting through is the most prominent fear for any student appearing for NEET but with recent plans to conduct the exam twice, the best of the two scores will be taken into account for a student to qualify in the test. It not only gives a fair chance to the students to score better but there is also no fear of losing a year because of poor performance in any of the sessions. There is an immediate scope for improvement for any student who couldn’t reach the expectations in the first attempt. Rather than waiting for a whole year a student can prepare and perform well in the consecutive chance.

Prior Experience
For the students appearing in NEET first time, it can work as a lifetime experience. Students can get an idea of the pattern, exam pressure, time management, and rules of the exam in

the first attempt and can perform better in the second attempt unlike before when students couldn’t perform well because they were unable to handle the exam hall tension. There were instances when students performed better during mock tests throughout the year but would not perform well on the main day with all the pressure around which can now be avoided to some extent.


With a lot of advantages for students with the expected news of NEET being conducted twice a year, there are a few points that can turn out to be a disadvantage for a student. Let’s get into the details of it. 

Focus on NEET or Boards?
With the expected news of NEET being conducted twice a year, there are chances that a student’s performance in the board exam or NEET may be affected due to lack of focus. For instance, if one of the sessions of NEET UG is conducted prior to the board exam, the focus of a student might get diverted which can affect the performance in either of the exams. There are also chances that a student chose to drop the attempt that falls around the same time as of boards and chose to appear in the second attempt which he/she may find difficult in comparison to the chance missed. 

Delay in the academic session
The repercussions of Covid-19 were faced by every sector and the education sector suffered no less. The academic session that was supposed to start by August 2020 for those who appeared in NEET UG 2020 was delayed till February 2021. If NEET is conducted twice a year, there is a chance of further delay in the academic session. With two sessions of exams, the counselling process might stretch till the end of the year leading to late admissions and late beginning of classes. But nothing can be assured until the final notification regarding this is released which would calm the wave of questions running in the mind of every NEET aspirant.

High Cutoff
Dual chances of appearing for the exam also mean more time and preparation for the exam. With more time to prepare and appear for the exam, there are possibilities of students scoring better than usual. This would also boost the confidence of a student and help him/her perform well which might take the merit higher making the competition much tougher to get into any of the top medical colleges in India.

It may so happen that students take the first chance easy with the thought that there is another chance to appear for the exam. This may arise laziness and carelessness in the students thereby affecting their focus in regards to their preparation. 

The scenario can be predicted to get tough for the exam conducting body as well as for the students. Conducting exam twice for say 16 lakh students also means allotting centers, preparing and distributing question papers, displaying results two times for the same academic session. NEET admissions being an elaborate process that goes on for around 4 months could be further delayed while conducting exams twice propagating a hotchpotch scenario.

Exams twice, results?
While conducting exams twice would be pretty much a task, publishing the results on time can also be worrisome. If results are published together after both the sessions, it can create a stir among the students who would be curious to know their score after the first session. If results are published after each session, it might result in delaying the academic session.

With both the positive and negative sides of the decision, it is very important for a student to remain focused throughout and not lose calm to perform well in the examination. For this to happen, it is necessary to have a proper study plan and time distribution.


The thought behind conducting NEET twice a year was to benefit lakhs of students by not only helping them pace in their studies but also by avoiding the possibility of dropping out a year. The possibility to score high and get into a medical college in India of their choice also stands doubled. Meanwhile, the dilemma of both the students and their parents cannot be avoided.

While parents would pressurize their wards to get a seat in the same year, it is also possible that students take the matter lightly with dual chances of appearing in the same year. Dropping a year after having two chances can also fall as a burden for many.

In a testing time like this, it is the duty of both the parent and the student to understand the vitality of the situation. Students should utilize this time as a chance to perform better and parents shouldn’t pressurize their wards to go out of the way while preparing for the exams.

While the attempts for NEET have increased, one shouldn’t forget that the number of seats still remains the same. Therefore, these changes should be considered as an opportunity rather than an excuse to perform better.

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